What Our Patients Are Saying

"I should have acted 10 years ago….at 50, not at 60.
Hearing loss can sneak up on anyone. It did me.
I am an international consultant. Hearing Listening and understanding is fundamental to my business success. Understanding family, grandchildren, and successful interaction with friends makes life worth living.
You go to the gym, eat well, and feel at the top of your game. Yet, you don’t realize people may think you are ignoring them. Your body language gives the wrong impression because you miss important inflections, cultural differences, the subtleties of a joke or confidential statement.All along, you think all is well.
Hearing assistance should begin “sooner” than you might think you need it. People get tired of your saying….”Pardon Me???” no mater how polite you think you are.
Hearing a symphony without the treble part is useless… Balanced hearing is essential to auditory enhancement. Trust me, louder is not better.
Cherri Holden is a true professional. Accurate assessment is the first step, proper equipment fundamental, and follow-up service makes your life easier. Cherri does it all.
I am not an easy sell. I walked away from my first audiologist because of lack of confidence. Cherri is my audiologist from now on.
And, I don’t need to say “Pardon me!!….” unless I bump into someone."
- Franklin Hill, PHD, Kirkland, WA

"I was nervous about dealing with my hearing issues, but Dr. Hoyden took the time necessary to explain the results of the comprehensive tests she ran and did so in a way that made me feel better about any hearing problems I have. My ears were in great hands."
- Ken C.

"Six years ago I changed careers, got my teaching certificate, and ventured into the high school classroom. Among other challenges, I discovered that I suffered from hearing loss. Often, I could not understand what my students were saying. While not being able to hear what teenagers are saying may seem like a blessings to some, for me, in the context of my job, it was frustrating and stressful. I was exhausted each day from the strain of simply trying to hear.
I stayed in denial for a few years, and finally went to see an audiologist whose name and place of employment will remain unmentioned. He saw me a total of two times, stuck a hearing aid into my ear, and sent me out the door. I had to return the aids two weeks later, finding them utterly useless, adding to my stress instead of helping to reduce it.
I spent another three frustrating years in the classroom before I was driven by desperation to give hearing aids another try. I contacted the president of the Washington State Hearing Loss Association of America. She referred me to Dr. Cherri Hoyden of the Hearing Specialty Center in Kirkland. I made an appointment and, not entirely hopeful, went to see Dr. Hoyden.
For the first time I felt that I was talking to someone who completely understood my struggles with hearing loss, and who genuinely cared about helping me. She was patient, accessible, and extremely knowledgeable.
We tried several aids before I decided on the one I now wear (and am very, very happy with). What impressed me most was Dr. Hoyden’s willingness to see me as often and as many times as I wished. In fact, she insisted on multiple appoints to monitor and adjust each of the three hearing aids that I tried. I never, not once, felt rushed or ignored. At one point she brought in a product specialist to help adjust the software. The overwhelming quality that I experienced from her was one of concerned and caring patience.
I offered to write this letter about Dr. Hoyden purely from my feelings of gratitude. In this day and age where medical treatment is often dispensed in the manner of fast food, Dr. Hoyden clearly values the human element. I do believe her primary intent is to provide the best service and help to those who suffer from hearing loss."
- Ben Masaoka, Lake Forest Park, WA

My experience with Dr. Hoyden couldn’t have been better. She was gracious and very professional. I intend to recommend her to anyone who asks.
- Virginia G.

I don’t know if I’ve communicated well enough how much I appreciate your expertise, patience, and attention to my hearing. As I said to you last year, you have literally changed my life and I want to make sure you know that. I feel so lucky to have read your ad and found you.
- Harriette R.

I was experiencing a hearing loss in my right ear and after many months of delay I decided to go in and see Dr. Hoyden for a hearing test. I was sure I would need a hearing aid of some sort to enhance my hearing. After the test, Dr. Hoyden determined that I had a condition called Otosclerosis. The tiny bones in my inner ear had fused and were not vibrating correctly which resulted in a reduction of hearing in my right ear. Dr. Hoyden referred me to an ENT who confirmed her diagnosis. I was set up for surgery and the tiny bones were replaced with an implant resulting in a significant improvement in my hearing.
Thanks to Dr. Hoyden’s expertise, my problem was permanently repaired with no need for an external hearing aid. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hoyden to anyone seeking a professional opinion concerning there hearing concerns.
- Robert D. Lathrop Jr.CDT, MBA, Lynnwood WA

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